grey sofa art

Some interior design blogs say that a gray couch is boring or unoriginal. However, ask any interior designer for their takes on the forever-popular tend of gray couches, and they will make certain to instantly disagree. In fact, a gray couch has more decorating possible than any other furniture piece in your house. Think of a grey couch as a blank canvas with an infinite number of decor combinations possible. Actually, gray sofas may be the most suitable choice for a home boasting any design style as they match nicely with a myriad of color schemes, and therefore are timeless and a lot easier to keep clean than an all-white sofa. So what are the best ways to style a grey sofa? Here’s what Décor Aid senior performers have to say about hints for styling a gray couch.

Grey Sofa #1: The Best Pillows for Side Sleepers

grey sofa pillows

The first step in decorating your couch should always be with pillows. And with a grey couch, we recommend one layer of high-sheen pillows and another layer of pillows with a more matte fabric.

Go for high-sheen pillows that echo colors found elsewhere in the room, like we did in this luxurious, transitional redesign. And do add a statement-making central pillow to work as a focal point.

Grey Sofa #2: Throws

grey sofa throws

When warmer seasons come, go for thin and fine-knit patterned and printed throw blankets to revive spirits and energize a room. And when the weather gets cold out, pile on plus comforting throws to keep yourself warm and cozy.

Inexpensive throw blankets can be swapped out easily as seasons and trends change so try out unexpected combinations and see what sticks. Pick a color or material that contrasts against the fabric of your sofa, like we did in this light-filled high-rise.

Grey Sofa #3: Coffee Table

grey sofa coffee table

With any interior design scheme, it’s important to consider the shape and contour of your furniture pieces. So if you have a square sofa, consider a coffee table with a bit of curve.

In this SoHo duplex, we sourced a stone-shaped coffee table from Phillips collection to balance out the room’s angular elements. And if you’ve got a small space to work with, nothing beats glass-topped coffee tables that will help you avoid visually bulky alternatives while remaining easy to use.

Grey Sofa #4: End Tables

grey sofa end tables

Styling a grey sofa is all about creating visually striking contrasts. So we outfitted the velvet sofa in this mid-century palace with matching wood end tables for visual texture.

Like you do with bedside tables, place matching pieces on either side of your sofa, and lay out a few coasters while you’re at it.

Grey Sofa #5: Baskets

grey sofa baskets

To keep your sofa from looking haphazard, corral everything together with a few baskets. En leu of end tables, we placed bamboo baskets on either side of the leather sofas in this chic, Union Square loft.

Grey Sofa #6: Art

grey sofa art

Artwork is an integral part of any living room. And when styling a grey sofa, make sure that your accesories reference the colors in your artwork. Notice in this San Francisco luxury condo how the pillows echo the colors in the client’s artwork.

Grey Sofa #7: Lighting

grey sofa lighting

Lighting is an essential part of your living room, and you should have at least one source that’s specifically brought in to be paired with your gray sofa. In this Upper West Side family room, we put two lamps on either side of this grey sofa: a larger lamp for a base layer of lighting, and a table lamp for reading.

This will also help you avoid only using clinical and cold overhead lighting exclusively, while helping create a compelling and inviting lighting scheme.

Grey Sofa #8: Plants

grey sofa plants

When styling your couch, remember to include some vertical design elements as a way of contrasting the horizontal layout of your couch. One way to do this is to flank your couch with tall plants.

In this pre-war bachelor pad, we placed two plants on either side of this grey sofa, drawing the eye towards a tasteful gallery wall. Another way is to bring in large-scale pieces of room-defining botanical artworks to really make a memorable statement if you weren’t blessed with a natural green thumb.

Grey Sofa #9: Area Rug

grey sofa area rug

Area rugs are a great way to add some needed texture or pattern in your space. And to keep your space feeling cohesive, source an area rug that incorporates colors found elsewhere in your design scheme.

Pro tip: when laying out your living room, place your couch along the perimeter of your area rug, like we did in this chic TriBeCa loft.