Have you ever been asked to be the maid of honor at a wedding, and been a little scared out of your mind? Don’t worry, you are not alone in this. There is a lot of responsibility that comes with that title and one of them happens to be throwing the bridal shower.

Between writing your toast and helping your bride pick out what shoes to wear you also have to find the time to plan, host and create a bridal shower party. Hopefully this article will calm your nerves and aid you in your maid of honor duties. Below are some helpful tips for a shower the bride will love.

1. Bridal Theme

When I say bridal theme I don’t mean it needs to have hearts on everything and covered in pink. When it comes to showers there are a few types that can be chosen. For example, when I got married my theme was household items.

Each guests was assigned a room in my future house and were asked to bring a gift appropriate for that room. Some may have a request of bringing recipes to share or to tell stories of their own engagement. Involving the other guests and sharing the spotlight with the bride will make the atmosphere much more inviting.

2. The Basics

Every party needs food, no matter what the occasion is. You could incorporate the food with a wedding theme or do simple appetizers. Whatever you choose your going to need to plan on a variety and a large quantity.

3. Decorations

Some maids of honor take the easy route and use the same colors the bride is using for the wedding. Some bride’s don’t like this and would prefer something different from their wedding decor. Make sure you keep things simple and classy. You don’t want the decorations to be distracting and you certainly don’t want the bride to dislike them. This is something that is OK to collaborate on with the bride to be.

4. Games

You are the host of this party and that also means that you are the entertainment. You should be prepared with games or activities for the guest and the bride. Some of the guests may not know the bride very well.

A great way for them to get to know her is by playing a games that have to do with her likes and dislikes. A few ideas could be preparing a questionnaire for the groom to answer. Then at the shower ask the bride the same questions but give the answers that she thinks her future husband gave.

This gives your guests the opportunity to get to know her and the groom better. You could also have a chest of fabric and accessories. Divide the guests into three teams and designate one person to be a model. Each team should design a dress on their model and the bride will pick her favorite one. The team that wins will get a prize, which could be great seats at the wedding or something more personal.

5. Q & A


Make sure there is time for mingling so that the bride can meet all the guests. If the bride is comfortable you could allow a time for questions or if you would prefer it more relaxed just be sure to set aside time for guests to approach the bride.