Coming up with a wedding theme is one of the first steps in planning a successful wedding. There are already so many wedding theme ideas that are available for a couple to choose from that finding the right one should not be difficult.

Wedding theme ideas

When selecting a theme, it’s important to consider the location, how many people are going to be in attendance and budget.

Wedding theme ideas should reflect the interests and personalities of both the bride and the groom. Themes are great, because it makes the planning process easier and more enjoyable.

Making decisions become simple, because you when you focus on a theme you know exactly what you want for things like wedding invitations, wedding cake and the decorations. Your guests also get to experience a wedding that is a little out of the ordinary.

There are wedding theme ideas that revolve around different colors. These types of weddings are relatively easy to plan, all you need to do is make sure the color of your choice is prominently displayed at both the ceremony and reception. Pick out flowers, use table settings, and find other decorations in that specific color.

There are plenty of ways to incorporate that color in almost every aspect of your wedding.

Other popular wedding themes are based on the different seasons of the year. Spring, summer, fall and winter, there is something special about each season.

The key to properly encompassing the season as your theme is to use the appropriate colors to represent the season as well as serve foods that are fresh during that time of year.

Wedding theme ideas include specific destinations


Other great wedding theme ideas include specific destinations. You can either arrange to have the wedding at a garden, a beach or resort, or bring the destination to you by using props and other creative decorations.

Let’s say you want to capture the magnificence of Paris for your wedding, but you are unable to actually have the wedding there. All you need to do is add some signature Parisian elements to the decor, use well-known flowers from France and give out cute French inspired wedding favors.

Set your wedding to a certain time in history, that’s another idea that has been popular. There have been plenty of wedding themes that try to recreate different time periods.

If you are interested in having a medieval wedding, try booking the venue at a castle. If you want your wedding to have an old Victorian feel, make sure there is plenty of lace on your wedding dress and serve your guests tea from fancy tea sets.

There are countless other wedding themes for you to choose from. Cultural themes are great if one or both of you have a strong cultural background with its own wedding traditions.

You can have a modern wedding, but still add some of those traditions to the ceremony.

There are fairy tale themes which are no doubt on the top of many brides’ lists. For the environmentally conscious couple, an eco-friendly theme would be perfect. Just remember to pick a theme that is a good representation of you and is one that your guests will enjoy.