Summer weddings take place from the months of June to August. The key benefits of having a wedding in the summer is that both you and your guests can enjoy the sun, warm weather, and all the beauty that nature has to offer.

There are many wonderful wedding ideas for summer that you can use to plan your own wedding. First think about what the season means to you, what comes to mind when you try to visualize a summer wedding?

Since summer is one of the most popular wedding seasons, there is no shortage of ideas. Ask friends and family for their thoughts, do a search online or flip through bridal magazines to get the creative juices flowing.

One of the best parts of having a summer wedding is that it can take place outdoors. It would be a shame not to take full advantage of the beautiful weather. In order to plan a distinct summer wedding, your choice of color combination, food, bridal gown, flowers and other decorations must all be related to and appropriate for this particular season.

There are many wedding themes that work really well in the hot summer months. It becomes much easier to come up with ideas once you settle on the right theme for the wedding.

Here are some popular themes and wedding ideas for summer:

If you want your wedding to have a vintage feel, a Victorian wedding theme is the way to go. The ceremony can take place indoors in an old style house or church and the reception can be held in the garden afterwards, or the entire wedding can take place in the garden.

The colors yellow, cream, pastel green, terracotta, and blue are perfect for this kind of wedding theme.

Gardenias, roses, lilies, and pansies are a wonderful complement to the surroundings. A reception outside means you can serve your guests tea and an assortment of delicious pastries, all very fitting with the Victorian theme.

Popular wedding ideas for summer can also include the natural beauty that is all around us. For instance butterflies, these are beautiful creatures that can make any wedding beautiful and romantic. Butterflies can be used throughout the decor of the ceremony or reception, they can even turn into lovely accessories for the bride or her bridesmaids.

This theme can be applied to so many things, from the wedding invitations and wedding favors to the top of the wedding cake. Butterflies are definitely a great theme for a summer wedding.

Let’s not forget flowers, and lots of them. There are so many beautiful flowers that are representative of the summer months. Wedding ideas for summer can include themes that center around a particular type of flower.

Take the rose as an example, use it throughout the wedding instead of just for the bouquet. Add them as a centerpiece for the reception, place them along the aisle of the ceremony, or use them in any other way imaginable.

You can choose to stick with one color or multiple colors, they are very versatile to work with. Besides roses, there are a number of other magnificent flowers to use. Having a wedding theme around a flower can definitely make this special occasion more romantic and unforgettable.